Move Fresh also has the ability to invest alongside institutional and angel investors to accelerate the growth of FMCG brands throughout the UK. We are used to investing both capital and time to help grow brands in the UK

We have a very open idea of areas we like to fund, but many of our successes have been in areas that have surprised us. Our founders also invest in areas outwith this thesis personally.

We have some core areas of interest that we always think it is worth outlining to allow startup founders to see if Move Fresh is a good fit for them. This isn’t exhaustive so please send us an email rather than just passing on what could be a great growth relationship.

Health & Wellness

A core area we understand is health and wellbeing, having founded Diet Chef over 10 years ago we have a unique understanding of direct to consumer propositions within this arena.

We have expanded our view from purely dietary intervention into lifestyle modification areas (Gluten Free, Vegan, Protein for example) due to the changing focus of consumers about investing in their long-term health.

Our investment horizon in these areas is very long, we expect that changes in population age and increasing wealth in the western world will lead to more of these “niche” areas becoming mainstream especially in Europe.

Example Investment: Diet Chef (

Ageing Population

In 2014 the average age in the UK exceeded 40 for the first time. The intersection of social care, the NHS and the private sector would be areas that we actively invest in. Taking the strain away from the NHS by offering services and products that make living an active life in your senior years easier.

This is an area often overlooked by founders of businesses due to their own demographic profile, we would welcome applications from older founders who intimately understand the consumer need.

Example Investment: Parsley Box (

You are an important part of my family

Through traditional life stages, we invest heavily in our family (whether children or pets!) at different intervals to ensure that they live optimum lives.

Investing in nutrition within this area is particularly interesting to us – but using unique and novel systems and techniques. This could be delivery methods, alternative proteins, alternative dietary regimes.

Example Investment: Bella and Duke (

SaaS software for D2C

Sometimes when you run a D2C business you try and find products and services to make your life easier. Diet Chef was a huge advertiser on TV, measurement and currency within this arena was quite opaque, so we decided to try and solve the issue.

A team of data scientists we knew formed TVsquared, we invested and became their first customer. TVsquared recently exited to Innovid Inc in a cash and stock deal valued at $160m, and transforming an idea into a market leader in measurement worldwide.

We continue this trend by investing in D2C specific SaaS software and are always happy to become a reference user.

Example Investment: Machine Labs (