Kevin Dorren, Partner

Kevin founded Diet Chef with Andrew Veitch in 2008, having been convinced about the opportunity in food-tech since 2006 he has been involved in a number of direct to consumer brands. He has also been involved in technology since 1995 both as an executive and investor.

Andrew Veitch, Partner

Andrew founded Diet Chef with Kevin Dorren in 2008, he has been responsible for marketing and technology in high growth food tech brands, he has a strong understanding of data and an in-depth knowledge of above the line marketing including TV.  He is an active developer and has built and architected the Move Fresh technology platform using the latest technology such as Python, Django and AWS.

Henrik Pade, Non-Executive Director

Henrik was previously marketing director at Symingtons – a large UK food manufacturer (brands such as Ainsley Harriott and Naked Noodles), he has extensive experience in brand development and food manufacturing. Henrik also had extensive experience in M&A having worked for Arla Foods as Business Development Director