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Southern Region Business Support

Here at Move Fresh we are excited to welcome onboard Andy Coleman who will look after our customers in the south as BDM. With over 25 years’ sales & marketing experience, Andy brings a wealth of knowledge to support businesses with their order fulfilment operations and growth plans. Andy himself owns a successful online D2C Shopify store in his spare time, enabling him to fully understand 3PL value and service drivers for our clients.

In his spare time, he came be found out on the trails running with his wife, son and two crazy spaniels. He loves a long ‘bimble’, which normally consists of running races between 26 – 100 miles.

Looking to accelerate your e-commerce food brand then get in touch.

Bean to Door launches

We have had a pretty busy year at Move Fresh, our latest brand to launch is Bean to Door (www.beantodoor.co.uk), a subscription fresh coffee company.

Fine Coffee Club has gone from strength to strength over the last few years but customers have kept asking us about ground and bean coffee. Bean to Door is a separate brand (due to the subscription requirements) and offers freshly roasted coffee directly to your door from £3.95.

In FMCG we believe that price elasticity of demand is clear within all sectors – so we are positioning ourselves closer to supermarket coffee prices with the freshness that only e-commerce can give you.

We soft launched this weekend and already the response has been great. Get your first bag for 50% off using our Move Fresh Discount Code

Update from Parsley Box

We launched our latest brand Parsley Box around 8 weeks ago.  In this age of digital media and engagement we have seen a lack of digital channels that work for this demographic but have rejoiced in moving back into traditional media (print, direct mail, catalogues!).

Today most digital media talks about response rate, click through rate and conversion rate – all skills that have been prevalent in traditional direct response for many years before it was taken over by digital.

Having recruited more than 1,000 customers in this short period we are using old mechanics like the catalogue to engage in the same way that we use email in many of our other brands.

The majority of our orders are taken on the telephone and we are hearing great stories from our customers that we plan to use in future media.

Finally, TV is going to play a part – and next week we plan to shoot our first TV ad for Parsley Box.

While recipe box companies pile into competitive areas hankering after the aloof millennial we are sticky to the knitting and using direct marketing techniques to broaden our customer base.

Stay tuned for our latest advert once it’s complete in the next few weeks

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