Having spent the last 3 days speaking to many investors about Parsley Box our senior nutrition brand I am struck by the opportunity in this sector.

Investors and founders all see the demographic shift that creates the macro opportunity within the ageing population.

The issue is there are very few investment opportunities in this area. Venture and PE investors are attracted to bright, young things who have created the next consumer opportunity. Very few of these founders think about their grandparents as a target market, leading to a massive lack of startups in this area.

The biggest insight is that the demographic isn’t one uniform group, most consumer products are targeted towards the “old old”

This is characterised by mobility aids, comfortable shoes and grey haired consumers walking along the beach enjoying life.

We are more interested in the young old. They are active, physically and mentally, love to go out and are actively enjoying their life.

We plan to work extensively with this consumer to improve all aspects of their lives from nutrition to housing.

Stay tuned!