“Move Fresh has been part of our growth story since we were founded.”

– Holly McComb, Chief Financial Officer, Parsley Box
Parsley Box pick

It has been an enjoyable challenge to keep up with Parsley Box’s growth, during the peak of Covid we had to recruit and extra 132 team members in one month, to keep their customers supplied with meals at that critical time.

Holly continues, “Much more than meals in a box – at Parsley Box when we say ‘join us for dinner’ we really do mean join in with us and our love of good food at good prices. Parsley Box started as a family – run company and has grown rapidly over the last few years, building a menu to match the needs of our customers.

“We built the company we wanted to see – one that delivers high quality, delicious meals and offers choice, convenience, and a personal, friendly service.

“Move Fresh have been part of our growth story since we were founded in 2017 and have helped ensure that as we serve more and more customers, we guarantee the continued provision of high quality and tasty meals delivered to your door in the timely manner which you expect.”