Our technology keeps you in control and drives efficiency

Food and drink has different technology requirements from other products, including shelf-life management, extra data for quality frameworks and support for large numbers of items per order.

Digital warehouse

Move Fresh team members have a hand-held computer with a barcode scanner built in, as shown in the photo.

This guides them through the day from to job.

It also ensures you a very high level of pick accuracy as the items are scanned and the number of products is checked. This is why we have a pick error rate of less than 1 in a 1,000.

Finally, we scan the courier label just to make sure the right customer gets the right parcel.

We work with your software

We integrate with all of the major e-commerce platforms and the standard business applications. If your application is not listed here you can develop an integration using our REST API (see developer documentation) or we may build the integration for you.


Create, cancel and update fulfillment requests. Use Shop Flow to automate.


Support for Magento 2 for order download, error handling and stock.

Woo icon

Switch on the WooCommerce API and orders will be automatically downloaded.


HMRC customs integration for declarations.

Microsoft Teams

Instant updates on order exceptions, dispatches and stock changes.


Get messages on order exceptions, dispatches and stock movements.


Purchase Orders imported from Xero, ready for goods to be received.

Excel & CSV

Can be used to upload orders to us and also to download stock reports.


Full-featured REST API for integration with all other software and platforms.