DHL Parcel UK
delivery process and notifications

DHL Parcel UK is our primary courier for next delivery in the UK, for parcels that are over 2kg in weight. This is the delivery process and notifications that your customer will get and the options they will be given. In the following [Client Name] would be replaced by the name of your brand.

1. Order Received Email

The first thing your customer will get is an email with the subject line “We are expecting your parcel from [Client Name]”.

This email is generated by DHL as soon as we book the courier job with them and print out the courier label.

At this stage the parcel is packed, labeled and ready to be collected by DHL from the Move Fresh distribution centre.

2. Parcel Received Email

The next step is that your customer will get an email with the subject “We have your parcel from [Client Name]”.

This email is sent when DHL scan the parcel label for the first time.

This means that the parcel has safely arrived at the DHL depot in Livingston.

This is the first email that allows your customer to do something. They can get tracking information or divert the parcel to a collection point.

3. Reschedule the Delivery

The parcel will normally be scheduled to be delivered on the next working day (unless you have chosen a Saturday delivery or the address is in a remote area).

The customer can either leave the delivery on the planned day or delay it up to four days by selecting the relevant date.

4. Service Points

If it is more convenient, the customer can select a DHL Service Point for delivery.

There are over 1,200 locations in the UK, so it is highly likely that there will be somewhere near the customer if they are in a city or a town.

The service point can be selected from a map and filtered by locations that are open late, have parking, or that are wheel chair accessible.

It is also possible to select a DHL depot. However there are just over 50 depots to choose from, so it is much more likely that a service point will be convenient for the customer.

5. Delivery Day

On the planned delivery day your customer will get an email with the subject “Your [Client Name] parcel is with your DHL Parcel UK driver for delivery today”.

This email will have a one hour delivery window so your customer knows when to be in.

If they are not going to be able to be in they can divert the parcel or reschedule it for another day.

Note the example on the right was sent on a service where our client required a signature on delivery. The wording would be different if the parcel could be left in a safe place.

If you have supplied your customer’s mobile number they will receive a text message at this point with the same information and a link for further details.

6. Delivery Confirmation

After the parcel has been delivered your customer will get their final email.

The subject will be “DHL Parcel UK has delivered your [Client Name] parcel”.

This is confirmation that the parcel has been delivered and the name of the person who accepted it. If it has been left in a safe place the customer can click on the link to see where it was left.