Parcelforce joining our courier network

We’re delighted to announce that we can now offer Parcelforce to our clients as an additional courier option. Parcelforce have some unique capabilities.

They are owned by Royal Mail and have great access to the Post Office network. It’s usually much more convenient for customers to be able to pick up from their local Post Office rather than having to go to a more remote courier depot.

Parcelforce are one of the small number of couriers who have an age verification service which is important for clients selling alcohol.

They are also a great choice for consignments. You can ship a consignment of up to 15 parcels to the same address and benefit from a reduced consignment rate.

For even bigger deliveries they have a partnership with Palletways for pallets. This is currently our only service for pallet shipments.

Finally, Parcelforce have a Sunday delivery option which is useful if you want to offer delivery to your customers every day of the week to fit in with their lifestyles.

You can use our Courier Rules Engine to select Parcelforce automatically for your shipments where they are the best option.

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